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Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I
give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three. Confucius

"I'm not a teacher, but an awakener"

Robert Frost

Executive Skills Training

Future Options offers an entire suite of courses and programs to enhance the skills and capabilities of any executive, office team or support staff member. Our courses are delivered with enthusiasm and experience on the topic. We will tailor any program to meet the specific needs of the individual or group and each can be delivered as a half-day, full-day or two-day courses depending on the requirements and specifications of the client. Each course is hands-on and interactive to insure the highest information retention rates and productivity. And, yes, we make them extremely fun as well. We promise to motivate, educate and invigorate.

Management Courses

•  Change Management: When Cultures Collide
•  Corporate Coaching and Mentoring
•  Turning Problems into Opportunities
•  "Customer Service: The Chain Reaction Beyond "Satisfaction"
•  Motivating and Creating Revolutionary Teams
•  Recruiting Sensational Employees
•  Ethics and Business: Nurturing and Promoting Integrity in the Workplace
•  Business Etiquette: Mastering Meetings, Greetings and Restaurant Seatings - without Overheating •  Supervising for Success
•  From Manager to Leader: Influencing and Inspiring
•  Managing Performance in Recessionary Times

Team Courses

•  Motivating and Creating Revolutionary Teams
•  Running Sensational Meetings
•  Negotiation: Turning Desperation into Exultation
•  Learning the Art of Redirecting Sales Objections
•  "Full Sales Ahead": Transforming Cold Calls into Hot Leads
•  The Dream Team: Aligning Goals and Refining Performance

Soft Skills Courses

•  Business Writing Essentials
•  Facilitating Meetings: Success Through Process and Consensus
•  Interpersonal Skills: From Face-to-Face to Facebook
•  Presentation Skills: From Stage Fright to Ecstatic Heights
•  Beyond Public Speaking: Informing and Inspiring Every Audience
•  Train the Trainer: You're on the Right Track
•  The Secrets of Eternal Self-Confidence

Administrative Support Courses

•  Administrative Support: The Glue for Every Organization
•  From Foot in the Door to Head of the Floor: Perfecting Job-Search Techniques

Confident. Creative. Connected.

  • "
    Bill is the most engaging, thought-provoking and compassionate speaker I have ever come across. His speeches are guaranteed to make you think, feel and act, and they are an experience you will never forget. I could give a million reasons why Bill is the best choice you can make for a motivational speaker or a Public Speaking coach.”

    Mariano Tufro
    Citigroup London - Talent, Resourcing and Development