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Consult not your fears but your
hopes and your dreams. Pope John XXII

Bill Hoop Russell has extensive international experience in sales, trade and regulatory issues, and in developing and maintaining client relationships. His years in sales, trading and management of the listed derivatives markets for the world’s largest and most influential investment banks gave him invaluable experience in macro-economics, cultivating clients and building harmonious and extremely profitable teams. He has a proven track record for quickly increasing sales revenues and productivity, implementing change, and improving client satisfaction.

Having personally survived and thrived through a number of high-profile multi-national corporate mergers, Bill is adept at change management, dealing with clashing business cultures, and handling cultural differences. As an expatriate for nineteen years he has learned to navigate successfully through diverse cultures on three different continents - and to deal with the needs and expectations of clients at home and on distant shores.

Bill has built and managed global sales teams, set up businesses in the US, UK, New Zealand and Africa, and is confident dealing with legal and accountancy firms, and regulators in many jurisdictions.

Consult your dreams. Consult with Future Options. Your Future Options are limitless.

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  • "
    A forthright speaker who manages to successfully combine an engage 'no nonsense' style of presentation with a deep understanding of the futures and options business. These qualities, coupled with his ability to interact with his audience, make him a leading public speaker in his field.”

    Anthony Belchambers
    Chief Executive, Futures and Options Association